Jun 28, 2021

Fuel cell project could cut the electric bills of 10,000 LIers by 10%

A California company is proposing to install fuel cells in a Melville parking lot that would reduce the electric bills of 10,000 homeowners by a guaranteed 10%, or about $150 per year, officials said on Thursday.

Generate Capital Inc., based in San Francisco, wants to put 28 fuel cells on a half-acre parcel at 575 Broad Hollow Rd. The land is part of a large parking lot for a small office building across from the Long Island Hilton hotel.

Generate has hired Edgewise Energy in Plainview to construct the $57 million project and get homeowners from across the Island to buy the 7.6 megawatts of electricity through a subscription plan. The power would be delivered by PSEG Long Island and subscribers would receive savings credits on their monthly electric bill.

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