Feb 19, 2014

LI firm to move factory from China to Hauppauge

A local supplier of nutritional supplements plans to move its factory from China to Hauppauge, executives said Thursday.

MTC Industries Inc., based in Edgewood, recently shut down a 200,000-square-foot plant near Shanghai. More than 150 people worked there, making ingredients for drugmakers, food companies and MTC’s own line of natural remedies for weight loss, muscle and joint health, and the heart and brain.

Lisa Wang, who owns the company with her husband, Jimmy, said they want to bring their international operation closer to home. MTC has been relying on local contract manufacturers to produce some products, in addition to the Chinese plant.


“We’ve lived here 30 years,” she said, referring to the metropolitan area. “Our family is here. . . . We would like to have more control over things, to ensure quality, to grow our sales. . . . We would like to create more jobs on Long Island.”

MTC employs 11 people at its Edgewood office. Records show they earn, on average, $53,872 per year.

Wang said she and her husband plan to add another 40 workers by 2018. They’ll work at 255 Oser Ave. in Hauppauge, a now-vacant 18,000- square-foot building.

MTC, founded in the New York area in 1994, is focused “on developing niche products for the better health of the human body,” Wang told a meeting of the Suffolk County Industrial Development Agency Thursday.

The IDA board agreed unanimously to support MTC’s $2.5-million plan with $223,290 in tax breaks over 12 years. Most of the savings, $181,440, will come from a reduction in property taxes.

David Rosenberg, a longtime IDA board member, noted how unusual it was to hear of a company moving factory jobs to the United States from overseas: “It’s nice to see someone come this way instead of going elsewhere.”

IDA executive director Anthony Manetta said MTC was part of a trend of “reshoring jobs” back to the United States from Asia and other continents.

MTC anticipates selling much of the Hauppauge factory’s output in China. C. Vincent Romano, the company’s operations vice president, said about 75 percent would go there: “There is such an incredible demand for ‘Made in the USA’ product in China. We really see a great opportunity.”

MTC also has customers in South America and Canada.

Romano said the Wangs want to develop more of their own products, which would be sold over the counter in drugstores and other retailers.

“After 20 years of using contract manufacturers,” Romano said, “we want to do it ourselves, in one place. We hope to have 1,500 employees on Long Island 10 years from now.”