Flexible Business Systems


Flexible Business Systems, Inc. got its start in 1985 in co-founder Joseph Saggio’s kitchen. Along with his partners, Seth Belous and Martin Schmitt, the trio transformed the small startup into a multifaceted technology service provider with global reach. The company has called Long Island its home ever since. Over the years, their need for more space, better equipment and a larger workforce continued as its IT services to institutions such as NYU Winthrop Hospital and Catholic Health Services of Long Island continued to grow.

With the support of the Suffolk County Industrial Development Agency (SCIDA), Flexible Business Systems has been able to experience significant growth and currently boasts a headcount of nearly 100 professionals. Not only are they a company that is dedicated to helping people use technology to solve problems and create opportunities for their business, the company has been able to attract top-tiered talent thanks in part to unique employee-based amenities such as an onsite bowling alley, ice skating rink, weekly summer barbeques and a dedicated training center.

Initially coming to the SCIDA for support back in 2013 as they were setting up a 20,000 square foot facility in Hauppauge, Flexible Business Systems quickly experienced rapid growth. In four short years, the company found themselves in need of an additional expansion and once again sought the assistance of the SCIDA.

With the SCIDA’s continued support, the company was able to keep its existing 20,000 square-foot facility as they installed new computer equipment, furniture and software at their new 40,000 square-foot facility down the street. The expansion and renovation of space supported the company’s efforts in attracting new clients and continue its history of success on Long Island.

To ensure Flexible Business Systems, Inc. was able to successfully expand within Suffolk County, the Suffolk IDA authorized the following for the building:

  • Property Tax Abatements
  • Sales Tax Exemptions
  • Mortgage Recording Tax
  • Approval in 30 Days
  • Connections to Resources with Other Partner Agencies

“The SCIDA’s assistance was instrumental to our current success,” said Joe Saggio, Senior Partner of Flexible Business Systems. “Their continued support has allowed us to keep up with demand and continue to expand on Long Island, neither of which would be possible without them. The SCIDA has really been a catalyst for our ongoing growth.”

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