Hampton Business District


The Hamptons are one of Long Island’s most well-known locations due to its pristine beaches, quaint towns and celebrity allure. But what you didn’t know is that it is also home to the East End’s first and only Class-A industrial park, the Hampton Business District (HBD).

In 2009—after an extensive RFP process to establish the public/private partnership with the Town of Southampton and Suffolk County—Long Island-based real estate developer, Rechler Equity Partners, was selected to transform 50 undeveloped acres of land located at Gabreski Airport into an up to 500,000 square-foot economic hub for today’s modern businesses.

Ground Breaking

To ensure the property was developed to become an economic generator for the region, and so that businesses could thrive, the Suffolk IDA authorized the following for each building on the property:

  • Sales Tax Exemptions
  • Property Tax Abatement Agreement

After a few years of infrastructure improvements, Rechler built the first two buildings on spec without any tenants slated to occupy the new buildings. With the vision for this new economic frontier starting to take shape, Tate’s Bake Shop was one of the first tenants.

Tate’s success quickly spurred others to come to the HBD. Now, the park currently consists of three buildings, amounting to nearly 200,000 square feet, and house other top-tier businesses which include:

  • AC Electrical Supplies, Inc.
  • Carrier Enterprises Northeast
  • Westhampton Beach Brewing Company
  • Restoration Hardware
  • Niosi Firearms Development
  • Cook Maran & Associates
  • Technical Glazing Solutions
  • ADS Management
  • Duggal Visual Solutions



Collectively, these businesses have since created more than 200 new full-time positions and expend more than $23 million each year with local vendors.

In 2020, the Suffolk IDA approved a $36 million investment into the Hampton Business District to establish the park’s fourth building, which will amount to more than 91,000 square feet. Amazon is slated to occupy the new, state-of-the-art, “last mile” warehouse bringing with it the addition of more than 100 new, full-time employment opportunities and up-to 200 new opportunities for entrepreneurs in the logistics industry.

The Suffolk IDA’s collaboration with Rechler Equity Partners is one of many projects that has led to the expansion of the County’s employment opportunities while also providing the high-end space today’s industrial businesses require. Rechler Equity Partners’ tenacity in developing the Hampton Business District in Suffolk County’s East End has accomplished its original goal of growing Suffolk County’s economy and attracting more business to parts of the Island that was not possible before this project.

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