LaunchPad Huntington

You don’t need to travel all the way to New York City to find coveted loft-inspired, shared-workspaces. Consider LaunchPad Huntington, a 21st-century workspace for startups and innovative companies housed in a 100-year old, landmark building in downtown Huntington, Long Island. Here you’ll find various young and seasoned professionals looking to grow their new businesses by collaborating, working and sharing perspectives. The workspace is accessible 24/7, which is imperative to help these professionals meet deadlines and allow for flexible working hours. It’s an informal workplace that fosters growth; the goal is for every individual company to be “Launched” onto the next stage of success.

How Suffolk IDA Helped LaunchPad Huntington

  • Property Tax Abatement Reductions
  • Mortgage Tax Exemptions
  • Sales Tax Exemptions
  • Approval in 30 Days
  • Assistance with other agencies
Launchpad Huntington speaker
Launchpad Huntington employees working on computers

Suffolk County is known for its innovation economy, and the LaunchPad’s mission in providing a space that nurtures and supports innovative companies made it a perfect project for the Suffolk IDA to support. The Suffolk IDA played a pivotal role in providing financial support, but also in ways that helped add credibility to LaunchPad Huntington, such as attracting corporate and educational sponsorships. The Suffolk IDA was able to help LaunchPad Huntington secure a long-term lease by working with the landlord of the property, an absolute requirement for establishing a facility such as LaunchPad

Phil Rugile, Director of LaunchPad Huntington, noted that the Suffolk County IDA was an essential component in making LaunchPad Huntington possible.

It was not only the financial assistance, it was the encouragement, the networking they provided us with, the counseling in bringing this vision to fruition, that has made this a partnership that is continually helping us to grow this concept on Long Island.Phil Rugile

Just as the Suffolk IDA has helped LaunchPad and thousands of other companies grow and prosper in Suffolk County, it can do the same for your company. The IDA will bring together all the key players, discuss financial incentives, network you with workforce training and recruitment resources, and be a partner to your company, every step of the way.