Matchbook Distilling Company

Here’s something to raise a glass to: Matchbook Distilling Company in Greenport, Long Island is New York’s first bespoke, custom distillery. In fact, Leslie Merinoff Kwasnieski, the founder of Matchbook Distilling, was the driving force behind the landmark New York legislation that now, for the first time since prohibition, allows an individual or company without a distilling license to produce their own spirits – they just need to go to a licensed distiller like Matchbook.

Matchbook Distilling creates custom spirits for private collectors, food companies, interior designers, gift collections, local startups, bars who want to brand their own drinks, and much more. There’s a decent chance many of the gins, whiskeys, vodkas, and other spirits you have had on Long Island have their roots at Matchbook.

The company attributes the high-quality of its premium spirits to the agricultural process, and for this reason Suffolk County has been the ideal location for Matchbook’s setup. Cohesiveness between the distillery and its farmers is vital to the business. As Matchbook’s founder puts it, “What works for local farmers inspires Matchbook. The North Fork is an ideal home.” The company partners with local farmers, sources what’s available, and purchases what’s growing in excess. Matchbook surrounds itself with anyone on Long Island who has a penchant for food and beverage.

For Matchbook, working with the Suffolk IDA was a home run. From the start, the Suffolk IDA had a true investment in Matchbook and the founder’s personal story. This made the process more engaging, and the open-lines of communication helped Matchbook feel supported throughout the entire process. The IDA helped Matchbook purchase four existing buildings in Greenport totaling 35,779 square feet and, indirectly, helped create business for many of Long Island’s farmers.

The help I got from the Suffolk IDA was tremendously important, inspiring, motivational and gave us a headstart.Ms. Merinoff Kwasinieski

Whether your company is already based in Suffolk County or you are thinking about moving your operations here, make the Suffolk IDA your first call. We’ll bring all the key players together, discuss financial incentives, help you with workforce training and recruitment and be a partner to you, every step of the way.

How Suffolk IDA Helped Matchbook Distilling Company

  • Property Tax Abatements
  • Mortgage Tax Exemptions
  • Sales Tax Exemptions
  • Approval in 30 Days
  • Assistance with other agencies



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