Northport Hotel

Located directly across the street from the John W. Engeman Theatre, a major regional attraction and key economic driver, the Northport Hotel project revitalized an underutilized space in Northport’s historic downtown. Looking to create much needed lodging to bolster tourism for the region, this property has not only significantly increased local accommodations but has also created industry jobs.

In 2018, 225 Northport LLC brought the project to the Suffolk County IDA, seeking assistance to transform the current 17,610 square-foot office and restaurant space into a brand-new 25,500 square-foot facility. With assistance from the Suffolk IDA, the $11 million project included the construction of the 24-room boutique hotel and restaurant located at 225 Main Street in Northport, NY.

To ensure the structure was developed to become a coveted destination for tourism and an economic generator for local businesses, the Suffolk IDA authorized the following for the building:

  • Property Tax Abatements
  • Mortgage Tax Exemptions
  • Sales Tax Exemptions
  • Connections to Resources with Other Partner Agencies

“We’re enthusiastic about the development of the Northport Hotel and restaurant located right across from the John W. Engeman Theatre, a staple of Northport,” said Kevin O’Neill, co-owner of 225 Northport, LLC. “This project reaffirms our commitment to both Northport and Suffolk County and it would not have been made possible without the support of the Town of Huntington, Village of Northport and the Suffolk County IDA. Their assistance has helped us realize our goals for this community.”

In addition to constructing the hotel and restaurant, the construction of 50 or more on-site parking spaces was included in the overall project. The 50 spaces created a substantial number of additional parking for the area, as on-site parking was severely limited in this waterfront village.

Previously, the John W. Engeman Theatre was the only business in the downtown business district to have free valet parking. The expansion of this service benefits patrons of the new hotel and restaurant, the theatre, and the residents of the village as a whole.