Sage Parts Plus, Inc.

Sage Parts Plus is flying high on Long Island! With the support of the IDA, this world-market leader in the manufacturing and distribution of replacement parts for aviation ground support equipment (GSE) was able to take their existing Melville facility to new heights! Thanks to the IDA’s assistance, a nearly $1 million investment was made into Sage’s existing 55,000-square-foot facility including the installation of new equipment—such as new racking systems and forklifts— along with several other key renovations to keep the company competitive in the crowded aviation industry.

Sage Parts Plus came before the IDA in 2019 seeking financial and resource assistance to build out its 30 Hub Drive location which employs nearly 100 highly-skilled workers with an average annual salary of more than $76,000. The facility updates created a state-of-the-art global headquarters and distribution center for the company that promoted renewed economic output and fiscal growth for the region.

To help Sage Parts Plus, Inc. maintain its competitive edge as a world leader both on the ground and in the sky, the Suffolk IDA authorized the following for the building:

  • Property Tax Abatements
  • Sales Tax Exemptions
  • Approval in 30 Days
  • Connections to Resources with Other Partner Agencies

Sage Parts inc sign

Founded in 1969, Sage Parts Plus, Inc. has soared, becoming the most extensive ready-to-ship provider of GSE replacement parts anywhere in the world. From its global headquarters located in Melville, Sage Parts conducts several of its key functions inclusive of distribution, R&D, product testing, engineering, inventory management, customer service, information technology, accounting, and so much more.

Sage started on Long Island and has built a global enterprise using Long Island as its core center of operations and would like to continue doing so. The assistance provided by the Suffolk IDA was essential to ensuring we can improve our distribution center’s capacity, remain competitive in the marketplace, and allow us to retain our valued employees.Mark Pollack, President and CEO of Sage Parts Plus, Inc.

The investment into Sage Parts Plus, Inc. is a testament to the work the Suffolk IDA continues to do in order to drive forward economic development and prosperity in the region. Collaborations like this are imperative to the sustained health of Suffolk County’s economy.

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