The Haugland Group

Located in the vibrant hub of Melville, adjacent to the Long Island Expressway, resides the national corporate headquarters of the Haugland Group LLC. This revered organization comprises a family of companies specializing in the infrastructure and construction sector throughout New York and the region.

In 2017, Grace Industries LLC, a Haugland Group Company and an affiliate of Haugland Energy Group LLC, engaged the Suffolk IDA with the intention to relocate and establish its national corporate office in Suffolk County. Grace Industries LLC, established in 2007, provides a broad scale of infrastructure and civil construction services, from highway, bridge, boardwalk and airport rehabilitation to electric transmission, distribution, substation and power plant construction.

The relocation to 336 South Service Road in Melville, NY, represented a significant $20 million investment aimed at consolidating operations for the company and its affiliated entities from Nassau and Suffolk Counties into a single, centralized location in Melville. The project included the renovation of a total of 46,000 square feet of office and warehouse space at the new location. This initiative enabled the company to centralize its operations, thereby reducing redundant costs associated with transportation, energy, supplies, and logistics.

In return for the IDA’s assistance, Grace Industries committed to adding 77 new positions to bring its total headcount to 95. Given the company’s success and growth, they now have a total headcount of 193 with an annual payroll of more than $25 million. The Haugland Group and its affiliate companies currently employ more than 1,000 full-time staff with approximately three-quarters of them working in craft trades. The organization is entirely unionized across all its operations and businesses.

Our experience working with the IDA was nothing short of seamless. It is our job to strive on efficiency, but we were evenly matched on the other side of the table.Billy Haugland, Chief Executive Officer of the Haugland Group.

The Suffolk IDA authorized the following:

  • Property tax abatements
  • Sales tax exemptions
  • Mortgage recording tax exemptions
  • Connections to Resources with Other Partner Agencies

The collaboration between the IDA and the Haugland Group illustrates the synergy and boundless potential that can be unleashed through partnership with the Suffolk IDA. By teaming up with the Suffolk IDA, Haugland has been able to enhance its operations and foster continuous growth.

The Suffolk IDA helped the Haugland Group expand in Suffolk County, and we can help your business too. Whether you’re based in Suffolk or thinking about moving your operations here, make us your first call. We’ll bring all the key players together, discuss financial incentives, help you with workforce training and recruitment and be a partner to you, every step of the way.