Dec 22, 2013

Suffolk IDA Executive Director on "Meet The Leaders"

Suffolk IDA CEO & Executive Director Anthony Manetta will be a featured guest on “Meet The Leaders”. Tune into Cablevision channel 118 from December 18 through January 14th, 2014. Airetimes;

Sundays – 8am, 6pm, 9:30pm

Mondays – 7am, 1pm, 8:30pm

Tuesdays – 11am, 7:30pm

Wednesday – 10am, 7pm, 10:30pm

Thursdays – 8am, 6pm, 9:30pm

Fridays – 7am, 1pm, 8:30pm

Saturdays – 11am, 7:30pm

Meet the Leaders
An insightful program with area leaders, Meet the Leaders explores the people, policies and issues which are responsible for directing the future course of regional communities. Through discussion and query directed by our host / moderator, Meet the Leaders helps our viewers to gain a deeper understanding and a greater awareness of the factors integral to the formation of local decision.