Exceptional Talent

Suffolk County’s greatest asset is its people. Our diverse and highly skilled workforce is what drives the success of our companies and the region’s economy. Ensuring a stable pipeline of workers with the skills and knowledge required to sustain the county’s innovation economy are the region’s world-class educational, research, and workforce development institutions.


The Workforce of Suffolk County

Employees working in an office building

Long Island’s workforce of 1.5 million is greater than that of 21 states.

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19 Colleges

19 colleges enroll 150,000 and graduate 30,000 students annually.

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Top 10%

Suffolk County is in the top 10% of U.S. counties with bachelor degree or higher.

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4,400 Graduates

4,400 STEM graduates annually.

Students in a classroom with teacher
42 Top Schools

Long Island is home to 42 of the top 100 public schools in New York State.

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15 Nobel Prizes

15 Nobel prizes awarded to affiliates of Cold Spring Harbor and Brookhaven National Laboratories.