Huntington Hotel


227 Main Street in Huntington was once home to the Old Huntington Town Hall building, but thanks in part to the assistance of the IDA, the long-vacant building will turn into a highly desired boutique hotel. The soon-to-be, 80-room Huntington Village Hotel will breathe new life into this 110-year-old historic building and support the region’s overall economic growth.

In 2020, Huntington Village Hotel Partners, LLC brought the project before the Suffolk IDA seeking assistance to construct a renewed epicenter for downtown Huntington that promotes tourism in the local downtown area. The project involves the construction of a 53,636-square-foot addition to the building as part of its revitalization plans.

To ensure the building was developed to become a coveted destination for tourism and an economic generator for local businesses, the Suffolk IDA authorized the following for the building:


History of the Old Huntington Town Hall

Originally built in 1910, the Old Town Hall is part of the Old Town Hall Historic District and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The Huntington Village Hotel’s exterior will keep its historic charm with a restoration of the original façade, while its interior will be transformed into a boutique hotel including luxury rooms and suites, a fitness center and complimentary breakfast room.
George Tsunis of Huntington Village Hotel Partners, LLC credits part of the project’s success to the company’s work with the Suffolk IDA.

We’re excited to breathe new life back into this historic structure and are thankful to the IDA for its assistance. Considering the costs associated with restoring and renovating Old Town Hall, this project would not be financially viable without the IDA’s helpGeorge Tsunis

The collaboration between the Suffolk IDA and Huntington Village Hotel Partners, LLC is a feature that clients, both current and new, can expect when reaching out to the IDA. The Huntington Hotel is one of the latest projects the IDA has invested in that is positioned to bring the infrastructure of the past into the 21st century and, with it, new avenues for economic development.

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